Rhiannon (Janice)

You came into our lives earlier than expected and brightened our world.

By leaving us far too early I’m broken and my world will never be the same.

To write how beautiful you are will not explain the extent of your beauty…. inside and out. If you knew her you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Princess Sweetheart.

To say I miss you doesn’t even come close.

To say I love you is not enough.

Perfect in every way and so proud to call you my daughter xx

Remember the toddler who would go round head banging cupboard doors when frustrated.

Remember you girl who took to singing and melted our hearts.

Remember the aweful dance moves I tried to teach you.

Remember the teenager who was always there for for me as I was for her with a cuppa rosey lea.

Remember the wonderful young lady you are always thinking of family and friends while going through so many ups and downs.

Your beautiful smile makes my heart smile with you.

My amazingly beautiful inspiring thoughtful sweetheart xx

To say I miss you and love you is not enough.

Mummy lost her girl but you’ll be in my heart and thoughts everyday xxxx

Mum xx (Janet)